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    David is a multi-disciplinary Built Environment professional / consultant from Carlow with 20 years of experience, including internationally in the MENA region (Libya prior to 2011). David specialises in the research, design and project management of projects integrating water, energy and transport efficiencies attained through passive planning practices for sustainable development.

    Presentation Title:A 2000 year old Zero Energy water supply and distribution technology


    Synopsis: In 2015, David completed an Academic Specialist Degree in Environmental Engineering – Water Resource and Environmental Management from the University of Belgrade, Serbia as part of an EU education consortium including the National Technical University of Athens Greece.

    Further to David’s interests in the Water Energy nexus (interconnectedness between Energy and Water issues), David’s thesis examined the history of the development of water technologies, particularly water supply and distribution systems, leading up to the construction of the Hellenistic Madradag aqueduct of ancient Pergamon which included the first large scale inverted siphon with pipe pressures of up to 20 bar in circa 180 BC, a feat not surpassed in technical achievement until the late 19th century. This technology later became the basis of Roman water supply and distribution systems that functioned without the use of operational energy (pumping).

    The 2011 SEAI Water Services Overview Report indicates that Ireland’s National Energy Consumption on Water Services annually equates to 352 GWh (83 KWh per capita); 5-10% of total national public service energy demand; 30-60% of Local Authority energy demand; 183,000 tons of CO2 and costs the exchequer € 40 million per year.

    This ancient technology makes for an interesting case study to consider in developing sustainable solutions for 21st century energy demand abatement responding to Ireland’s commitments leading up to 2020, 2030 & 2050 in introducing economy wide improvements in energy efficiency / greenhouse emissions reductionand more sustainable modern water supply and distribution.


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