Alan Connolly-Principal Transportation Planner,Pinnacle Consulting Engineers

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    Alan is the Principal Transportation Planner with Pinnacle Consulting Engineers across Ireland and The UK. He graduated from University College Dublin with B.E (Hons) in Civil Engineering in 2007 and is a registered Chartered Engineer with Engineers Ireland.


    Alan has extensive experience in Transportation and Roads projects. He has worked in both consultancy and municipal government environments, delivering projects through all key stages including feasibility, planning and construction. He has experience across a wide range of sectors such as residential, commercial, industrial, retail and major public transport infrastructure. He prefers to take a collaborative approach to the public planning process for new developments, acknowledging the multitude of different objectives held by developers and planning authorities.

    Presentation Title:

    ‘Accessing the future – the challenge of delivering feasible and cost effective transportation solutions to provide access for new development’



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